its been one year since ive been here. wow. alot has changed. im just going through my old posts and cringing. so much has changed its crazy. ive grown out of the feeling i had for this boy i used to write about. god those posts are so embarrassing now.


all these feelings trapped inside me i don’t know what to to do

what to say

should i let them go

should i hold on to them tight

the only thing running through my mind are the words “i dont know”

but till when till when will i not know

its hard to breath 

im stuck, save me!

is this love i feel

or is it just strong admiration 

whenever i see you i want to hug 

breath in youre warmth 

never have i felt this way about anyone i know

who are you?

a person i never met

yet i crave to change for 

are you going to break me

or are you going to save me 

why is it so hard to breath

so hard to think 

my mind is a mess 

should i let my feeling leave me alone 

or should i hold on tight

all night i repeat