i just want to be free

i want to be able to run and scream

but i’m a she

and a she cannot be free

we don’t have much rights in this society

we’re not appreciated

we’re killed, humiliated

and rarely defended

but we shall rise

and we shall rule

and i shall become a legend all women will look up to

because since the day i was born

i have been kept silent

i never had a voice

always so nice

always so quiet

but i have been planning

planning an escape



…. counting the days


im so depressed 

i dont want to go back to that dark hole 

where i scream 

its not heard 

i cant even hear my own screams in that hole

its luring me in 

life itself is trying to push into there 

but no ill hold on

i cant give up not today

not tomorrow

i know i have nothing to live for 

 but i will live

because i know that i will be a legend some day

i dont want to go back to where i was 

that was a dark year for me

but im getting sucked in 

life is getting sucked out of me 

what should i do 

i am dying 

throwing up everyday 

its been three days without proper food

what is happening to me 

i dont know what it is 

but it has it hands on me 

its a dark monster

im dying 

dont save me 

i dont need it 

ill die i know it 

but before all of that let me live