I wish

is this jealousy i feel 

hes not even mine 

he will never be

i wont allow myself 

he doesnt like me

but i like him so much

i care for him so much

but its like hes forcing himself to like me

pretends that cares 

he might care 

and he might like

he might pretend 

i dont want much i just want to be there for him

i want him to know that he can tell me 

but trust is hard to earn 

i worry that if i talk 

he might feel the force to talk 

even though i dont want him to

please i beg you dont force yourself to like someone 

i dont want that 

its enough for me to at least be your friend

i care too much to get mad at you

i never get mad 

and i try to never get jealous

i try to impress you 

i try being mature but thats not who i am

im a girl that loves unicorns

and believes theres a pink bunny that grants wishes

so many things youll be surprised to know about me

i remember how i talked to you the first time 

and how i talk to you now 

its like ive known you for years 

you take too much space in my heart 

i try to shrink you but i cant 

should i leave my country 

go to the mountains and think for a while 

i really wish i could do that 

but i cant



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