I want to read

oh how much i love the smell of books

they smell old yet so new

they mean more to me than some people 

i loved characters in books more than i loved some people in real life

oh how much i love books 

those pages you see before the beginning of the story

half empty yet seem to interest me so much

so many authors i consider my heroes

they save me by writing beautiful stories

stories that enhance my imagination

it makes me want to live a story

a story that will be written on paper

something about books that i adore 

i dont know what is it 

it makes me want to dance 

books make me happy

books are one of the pleasures in my life

theyre beautiful

more than other people 

sometimes you can guess what the writer was thinking 

the happiest things in my life 

are my books

i wish i can sit on a cloud and read 

read my heart out 

read until my lips cant move 

read until my mind cant handle any word

thats all i want to do 

i want to read 

all day 


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