Dont break me i beg

i wonder all night 

will i ever change 

and if i do will it be for the better or worse

depression trying to control me 

but i cant let it control me 

i pray, i pray everyday 

praying to God to save me 

and i know he will

i just have to wait 

“be patient” i tell myself everyday 

not knowing if this is being patient 

changing for someone i never saw 

or at least wanting to

is it him i want to change for or is it me

im not going to let his existence control me

when he ignores me

i wonder if i did something wrong

and when he talks to me

i wonder if he likes me

a pile of emotions

stuck inside 

trying to scream but nothing comes out 

why do i feel so empty 

so many question 

i dont know who’s going to answer 

i tell my self he’s different

and i start to think

and remember thats what all girls say when theyre in love

 before theyre hearts get broken 

they repeat “hes different”

when deep inside theres a big possibility hes the same

dont break me i beg

i know youre not mine 

but dont break me 

or i will fall

deep inside a hole 

and i will never come out 





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